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Jake & Pete’s big reconciliation attempt for the disputes from the past

Jakob Ampe & Pieter Ampe (CAMPO)

Thursday, 2. July 2015 - 21:00

© Phile Deprez

For Jake & Pete’s big Reconciliation Attempt for the Disputes from the Past the brothers Jakob and Pieter Ampe start just from the fact that they are brothers, both born in Burundi, both wearing a beard, both thinning out at the top, both with a lot of good and bad memories from their youth. Pieter has since become dancer and choreographer, while Jakob has become a musician and recently graduated as a voice coach. For this production, the brothers examine each other very closely, like in a mirror. A study which involves extremes as well as subtleties. The dancer discovers his voice, the singer gets to know his body. And over all floats a big sense of absurd humor.

»The whole thing appears to be a spirited and mischievous compilation and a playful choreographic interpretation of all the games the two ever played together during their childhood. It provides drily humorous but moving scenes.« Focus Knack

Jakob Ampe, Pieter Ampe

Alain Platel

Jelle Clarisse

Piet Depoortere

An breugelmans

Dian Vandecrys

CAMPO, Ghent

Playing Time 

1 h

Price of admission 

15 € / 8 € reduced

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