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Trygve Wakenshaw Workshop

Trygve Wakenshaw

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019 - 11:00

© Barbara Braun

The participants are encouraged to come with an idea (and an openness to explore, change, or throw away the idea) but it’s also fine to come with nothing at all.
We play games. Physical games to get us having fun and making connections, and games of the imagination to get the creative juices flowing.
Then we have a break and when we return the participants return with an idea (either the one they came with or the start of one they found at the lunch break). We then spend some time making things in an open and creative way, with me suggesting obstacles or challenges to spark new ideas and push the ideas in a new direction. Towards the end of this time we make a running order for the showing and then get ready to present.
We present not to show off what is good and how good and clever we are but so that we have some higher stakes to really commit to the presentation and perhaps a little taste of the fear and excitement that what we do may be great or may be bad but that is not our concern. Our concern is to present, and to listen to the audience, and to feel our own joy.

Max. 25 Teilnehmer


9 h


Eintritt 15,– € / 8,– € (erm.)

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