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Deep Dish

Liquid Loft | Chris Haring (AT)

Wednesday, 5. July 2017 - 20:00

© Bernhard Müller

A dinner turns into an adventurous journey through the dimensions of macro- and microcosm. Via a handheld camera, the performers guide you through bizarre parallel worlds made of organic objects. By using film methods and acoustic distortions, image metaphors arise, reminiscent of baroque feasts, gardens of desire and their inevitable demise. A society driven by longing and curiosity, lightheaded and dull at the same time, celebrates its own caducity. The different dimensions of reality reflect as mirrors of a covered-up reality in a larger-than-life projection. In this still life, the protagonists’ every movement, every finical behaviour will inexorably be devoured by nature’s force.

Inspired by the novel Locus Solus in which universal scholar Maître Chanterel leads his selected guests through landscapes of different perceptions, Deep Dish acts as a reference to the beauty and decadence of a human existence perishing on itself.

In the Perfect Garden series by Liquid Loft in collaboration with visual artist Michel Blazy, the garden is a motif for the human pursuit of control of things within the unrelenting flow of caducity, but also a symbol for growth and usuriousness, which brings new things to fruition, over and over again.

“All in all, ‘Deep Dish’ certainly ranks among Austria’s best dance performances this year.” (Der Standard)

“In the series’ new instalment ‘The Perfect Garden’, Chris Haring invites six dancers for an exuberant dinner. Michael Blazy laid the table, not only are fruit and vegetables neatly arranged, fleas and sea anemones scrimmage about in the water glass. ‘Deep Dish’ is a baroque installation -  admonishing us about the caducity of existence in opulent beauty.”’ (

Dance, choreography: Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming, Katharina Meves, Anna Maria Nowak
Artistic direction & choreography: Chris Haring
Composition & sound design: Andreas Berger
Dramaturgy, scenography & lighting design: Thomas Jelinek 

Organic sculptures & artistic counselling: Michel Blazy
Stage management: Roman Harrer
International representation: Line Rousseau, Marion Gauvent, A. Propic
Production management: Marlies Pucher

A coproduction by Tanzquartier Wien and Liquid Loft in cooperation with Korzo Den Haag and Le Centquatre Paris. Liquid Loft receives support from the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna MA7 / Kultur and the Federal Office of the Chancellor of Austria Kunst, Kultur.

Playing Time 

70 min

Price of admission 

15,– € / 8,– € (discounted)

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