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living happily ever after

KimchiBrot Connection (DE)

Friday, 7. July 2017 - 15:00

© Ingo Solms

Countless relationship models to choose from nowadays, potential partners swiped away on tinder, dating apps offering matches on a scale from non-commital sex down to security, and our ideas of relationships are shaped by Hollywood glam fare as well as by porno sites. What does the modern individual want in this jungle of possibility? Romantic love, til death does them part? Or rather fun without commitment?

KimchiBrot explore this topic with wit, depth and engaging physicality, showing the audience a tour de force through all possible forms of togetherness, with two, three or multiple people. Quotes from pop culture, famous film scenes and personal interviews make up the acoustic backdrop for the expressive acting of the performers, stating clearly at the end. Every love has to find its own language.

Love relationships are changing constantly. Nowadays, we are used to changing partners as we like and enjoy to be free from any commitments. Modern and smart technology are helping to consume sex, love and romance, anytime and anywhere. But how to build up a relationship in this kind of lifestyle? What is happening to the values of trust, duration and commitment? What kind of love ideals do we have nowadays? By using famous pop culture quotes, KimchiBrot Connection creates high physical and poetic images that reveal various forms of togetherness right up to absurd possibilities of intimate relationships.
“This completely succeeding performance is a physical and yet poetical dealing with the topic. Hofmann and Hochkeppel received support from Cologne’s best-known performance artist, Angie Hiesl. There is no denying the potential this group displays.”
– Henriette Westphal, Kölnische Rundschau, September 16th, 2016

Development: Constantin Hochkeppel, Elisabeth Hofmann, Laura N. Junghanns
Acting: Constantin Hochkeppel, Elisabeth Hofmann
Sound design: Laura N. Junghanns
Costumes: Bartholomäus M. Kleppek
Coaching: Angie Hiesl

Playing Time 

50 min

Price of admission 

15,– € / 8,– € (discounted)

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