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Métro Boulot Dodo

Nevski Prospekt (BE)

Thursday, 6. July 2017 - 15:00

© Jeroen Doise

An unassuming recluse called Hermann – a character not unlike Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot – returns home from a long, dull day at work. Even at home, everything is grey and rote. Every day resembles the last, and the one before that. But abruptly, something happens. Something unheard of. Hermann starts seeing the world in a different light suddenly, his routine slowly but surely dissolving, and then things start spinning out of control! And just when you think it cannot possibly get any worse, it certainly goes downhill from there!

“Métro Boulot Dodo” – a colloquialism for a dull daily routine, consisting of the way to work (Métro), a boring Job (Boulot) and sleeping (Dodo) – is a colourful mixture of slapstick, theatre and dance. Everyday actions and small human habits come under scrutiny, get exaggerated and translated into an amusing body language. Belgian artist collective Nevski Prospect tells a poetic tale without words for everyone from the ages of five and up.

“Métro Boulot Dodo” is a festival for the strength and diversity of the individual and for the many ways to live if one only dares…

“’Métro Boulot Dodo’ is an intelligent, fast-paced and very entertaining slapstick show with a poetic statement and a wit that will surely catch on with people from all ages."  TANZ.AT

Concept & performance: Gregory Caers, Wim De Winne, Tom Ternest, Ives Thuwis-De Leeuw, Patrick Vervueren
Lighting design: Jeroen Doise

Playing Time 

55 min

Price of admission 

15,– € / 8,– € (discounted)

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