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That’s it

Sandman / Sabine Molenaar (BE)

Thursday, 6. July 2017 - 21:00

© Terri Florido

Encircled in a tender tornado, the tall woman on stage swirls in a full-length cerulean dress. Like an icicle in glaring summer heat, she melts away in the middle of her messy living room, only to emerge a little later as a bald, androgynous creature squirming to soothing piano sounds, stretching its long arms heavenward.

The hypnotic images in “That’s it”, Sabine Molenaar’s first choreography, are both surreal and unreal. In a visual aesthetic stuck somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and American Horror Story, “That’s it” introduces itself as a mysterious universe breathing a hint of faded glamour. Logic has no place in this cosmos spun out of memories, associations, strange dreams and nightmares. Molenaar’s peerlessly malleable body becomes a plaything to forces that bend it, fold it, distort it and drive it to the brink of exhaustion. Beauty and madness merge in an unreal and impressive manner. In tandem with Emilian Gatsov’s musical arrangement and Filipp Timmermann’s lighting design, a most striking amalgamation of sound, light and body art is created.

Concept, choreography and performance: Sabine Molenaar
Music: Se pieta di me non senti, Handel
Light design: Filip Timmerman
Dramaturgy: Gina Șerbănesc
Coproduced by: Workspace Brussels
Supported by: 4Culture Association (Bucharest), Ultima Vez, workspacebrussels (Belgium), Jardin d’Europe, Culture Programme of the European Union, Joji inc. Thanks to: Workspace Brussels, Artpotheek, Festival Cement

Playing Time 

40 min

Price of admission 

15,– € / 8,– € (discounted)

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