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Artist Diploma

A Barrel of Monkeys / Pia Alena Wagner

Friday, 3. July 2015 - 15:00

© Mats Süthoff

A Barrel of Monkeys

der blauen Blumen

The sweet smell of popcorn fills the air and rises up to the Chinese Pole which stands in the centre of the stage. Here two archetypical characters meet: Dreamy naivety encounters pure, intensive physicality. In quite simple and sometimes tragicomical images Sabeth Dannenberg and Clara Groeger tell a story that invites us to smile but also to look at the challenges life can have in stock for us. It is a story about the search for the golden grain, about desire and temptation and the fulfillment of our dreams.

35 mins
Artistic Direction / Performance: Sabeth Dannenberg, Clara Groeger
Outside Eye: Thomas Stich
Thanks to: Jasper Schmitz, Saskia Rudat


Pia Alena Wagner (DE)

What is good? What is bad? And what's going on with Mankind anyway? Why am I so busy thinking about how I look and not about what happens with the children in the collapsed textile factory? But why tear oneself apart? Together we are strong! Or is it all about me again? To find answers to these big questions one woman and four musicians take a seat in comfortable armchairs. To do what? Not the slightest idea.

35 mins
Artistic Direction / Performance: Pia Alena Wagner
Saxophone: Sebastian Gerhartz
Drums: Christoph Helm
Bass: Niklas Tikwe
Trombone / Synthesizer: Maria Trautmann


Price of admission 

15 / 8 € (reduced)

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